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One thing I've really made an effort to do in the last few months, is to put time aside for R&R - and treating it as a part of my work. Juggling my writing, freelance work, our renovations, our vacation rentals, and a few really exciting upcoming projects (I'm dying to tell you about one in particular but it's going to have to wait about a month) means every second of every day counts - and that means that if I'm not careful to be conscious of it, self-care can easily go by the wayside.

One way I've been doing this is making an effort to set full days aside to spend with people I love in places that make me feel my best. For example, these shots are from when Nikko and I spent a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs, soaking in the many saline pools, hot and cold plunges, and even a mud bath or two (more on the actual spa soon). 

It's surprising how often a little black one piece will come in handy. It's always flattering, hides the enormous lunch you just ate by the pool, and is quite possibly the easiest thing to style into an outfit later (I forgot to take a photo, but I popped a low-slung skirt over this baby after the spa, and had an instant outfit). I've even worn this suit to a party, paired with high-waisted trousers and an oversized blazer. 

I have quite a few winter wellness-focused posts coming up in the next month or so, but here's a little challenge for you in the meantime - can you set aside one day (or even a half day) in January just for yourself, to spend tending to what your body (or mind) needs most? I've found that the trick is to mark it in your calendar as though it's an important meeting, and then treat it with the same seriousness. Because believe me - your well-being is just as important as your workload, if not more.. 

What would you do if you had a day of self-care to yourself? I'd love to know!