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Whenever I work to create a beautiful living space, I always come a point in the process where I have to bring back in some of the functional stuff and they start looking like real eyesores. One of the most cringeworthy types are pet items - from old, ratty toys to the cat bed someone bought Mao the first year I had her (and that she prefers to hump than sleep in - we named it Prince Humperdinck), to the weird leash with rhinestones we've had for years and never bothered to upgrade. 

But all this changed when we got the chance to experience the pet mecca of wellness and design, Pussy & Pooch. Legit this place made me want to live the dog life - because at Pussy & Pooch, they live better than their human counterparts! From dog beds, food bowls, and cat scratchers that actually compliment and enhance your decor, to all organic and sustainable fresh, raw meals, to adorable toys you kind of want to leave out, to leashes and harnesses that look chic and are safer for your dog than a collar, this place literally has it all. 

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We went in for a doggy spa day, dropping Mao off for a head-to-toe grooming (complete with a mud bath for her dry desert skin) before chatting with the owner, Janene about pet wellness through nutrition. With the increasing interest and understanding of the benefits of wellness and healthy eating in humans, it makes sense that the next step would be to feed our furry children with the same integrity - as after all, it can prolong and increase the quality of their life just as it does for ours. And if the food comes in the form that it does at Pussy & Pooch, it's a whole lot of fun to shop for too... 

(I really got a kick out of the   CBD bites   - and I love the idea that they can calm your pup during high anxiety moments, such as while traveling or fireworks, etc. )

(I really got a kick out of the CBD bites - and I love the idea that they can calm your pup during high anxiety moments, such as while traveling or fireworks, etc. )

Speaking of living the high life, Pussy & Pooch also had a 'Paw Bar' where they treated Mao to a fresh, organic raw meal that could easily command 3 Michelin puppy stars.

We even got to take home some holiday meals for Mao - I'm definitely snagging a few of these for gifts this year as well! 

One of my favorite things about Pussy & Pooch, however, is how calm Mao was through it all. She usually gets nervous when we go anywhere near a pet store or grooming place, but she was not just completely calm, but seemed enthusiastic and happy. I'm chalking it up to the good energy in the space and the idea that she must have sensed that literally everything in the store was designed for her to thrive. 

And ever since we've gone, she's been obsessed with her doggy bed and toys - and is also much more cooperative on walks thanks to her new harness and leash. If you have a pup or cat, I definitely recommend stopping by one of Pussy & Pooch's locations - it will be just as fun for you as it will be for your little one. 



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli and me

In collaboration with Puss & Pooch