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I have been trying to get to Como for over 5 years now, so when we started planning our trip to Italy, I made sure to schedule a solid chunk for this wonder of a place. The lake is surrounded by beautiful little towns that are easier to get to by ferry than by car, especially considering how windy the seemingly 1 way (they're not) narrow roads are, and the speed at which all Italians prefer to drive (30 km over max speed limit, minimum). 

Lake Como did not disappoint. It had the views that I had been dreaming of, which we were able to fully enjoy from our perfectly situated little pink house, and it encouraged the leisurely pace I craved after days of wedding festivities. It also had the most delicious fish I may have ever tasted, caught directly from the lake itself. Basically, it had everything I had hoped for and more. 

If you go, I also recommend visiting some of the preserved private villas - I became entranced with the private gardens at Villa Carlotta, wandering them for about two hours, soaking in everything from the herb garden that grew along a stone wall, to the bamboo forrest and waterfalls, to the cool, damp walking caves - and so much more. I'm looking forward to sharing a little more of this magical place with you soon!