by Tienlyn Jacobson


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Since I've been spending so much time inside lately, I've really started to think about the best way to enhance these crazy, gorgeous ceilings of ours. While Cactus Mountain was, in some ways, a minimalist approach to color, my inclination for The Buckminster House and the GeoDome is to go more monochromatic - but with just as much impact. From mirrors, to high-shine hardware, to a playful, artistic approach to light, not to mention an elegant articulation of geometric and graphic accents, my forays into the world of Pinterest let me more on a quest for some kind of mood than a literal attempt to piece anything together. 

This is what I came up with - a mix of surreal, kaleidoscopic, delicately bold visuals that somehow sum up all the elements I've been dreaming of for both Buckminster estates. Which in truth, is a lot more inspiring than any literal reference to what we will probably end up doing as it leaves a ton of opportunities open to experiment and play. But one thing I do know for sure is that there are going to be gold/brass railings in our future anywhere I can get them!

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