by Tienlyn Jacobson

House of Eléonore

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My close friends know I have diamond fascination that borders obsession - a fascination that's a little strange, considering that I also care quite a bit about ethical sourcing. Luckily, there are quite a few brands where ethical sourcing and diamonds go hand-in-hand - and some of those brands are exceptionally gorgeous. 

Case in point? House of Eléonore, a fair-trade, responsibly sourced and handcrafted collection of some of the most gorgeous jewels I have ever laid eyes on, straight from Amsterdam. And while I've already got my engagement ring, after seeing House of Eléonore's Paradise collection (oh those rings! and everything else!) I'm definitely considering adding another something or rather to the mix. 

You'd think that a brand like House of Eléonore would be super exclusive and hard to obtain - but surprise! The Paradise collection is available on Amazon - the world's most accessible retailer, possibly ever. The only struggle that's left is to not indulge in every single thing from the collection... the struggle is real, my friends. It's so very real... 



In collaboration with House of Eléonore