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Tis the season for gift guides, for shopping a little too much for yourself, and for eating pumpkin pie for breakfast (or is that just me?). Tis also the season for holing up and embracing those recluse tendencies that have been nagging at you ever since that moment the first turtleneck came out to play.  And in celebration, this year's gift guide is focused on options for the homebodies in your life, including yourself...

Emile Cordon Cashmere-On Lip Pot

Price:  $42 each.

Perfect for the homebody who loves those little luxuries. From the pretty packaging to its ultra rich moisturizing capabilities, Emile Cordon lip pots are designed bring elevated living to even the smallest details of our lives. 

This is a gift that will be just as exciting to open as it will be to use. 

Organic Bath Co Rose Body Butter by Follain and Organic Bath Co.

Price: $38.00

Highly emollient and smells incredible. Plus it's organic and consists of only simple, high quality ingredients. Perfect for the homebody who believes in holistic living, or for anyone who needs a little extra moisture. 


Biossance Squalane + Essential Oils

Price: $62

My favorite face oil ever. Perfect for every skin type and gets serious results. Limited edition, custom blended essential oils take it next level & this one personally blended by me! Includes Mandarin, Bergamot, Lavender and Jasmine.

Wisewear Dutchess Bracelet

Price: $345

For the high end homebody who loves good jewelry and hates the look of a fitness tracker. Because believe it or not, this is a fitness tracker and much more. Stay safe with distress messaging, get mobile notifications, and track your activity. Wear it on the rare night out and no one will even know you've got a tracker on.  

Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa

Price: (Usually 129.99) now $39

Designed to meet the multiple needs of various skin types, with different brushes for different types of exfoliation. It's like the power tool of the beauty world. Perfect for the homebody who doesn't have time for a ton of beauty but loves results.

Respyre Wellness Box

Price: $35 (10% off w/ code: THOUGHTFUL10)

Perfect for the homebody who needs a little de-stressing. Send them one wellness box or sign up for a monthly gift subscription sent straight to their home, featuring self-care items that will remind them to take a little time for themselves each month. Each gift subscription comes in a signature Respyre box with a handwritten note

Fresh Cannabis Santal Candle and Perfume

Price: Candle: $60 Perfume: $50-$90

For the herbal homebody who knows what she likes. A rich blend of patchouli, chocolate, and a cannabis accord for an air of intimacy and sensuality. A personal favorite scent and one of the more exclusive from Fresh. 

Uncommon Green Topography Glassware

Price: $14 each. 

For the intelligent homebody who wants to explore without leaving the comfort of the home bar. Choose your favorite location and add its topography for a stunning conversation starter that will look stunning on any homebody's bar cart. 


Luzern Urban Defense Cleansing Water

Price: $60

One of those good-for-everyone type of skincare products that's both gentle and effective and with plenty of organic extracts. Perfect for the homebody who wants to protect their skin from the outside world. Also great pick for the homebody who is interested in skincare but prefers a gentle approach. 

Aveda Rosemary Mint Body Polish

Price: 34.69

Perfect for the homebody who wants the full body spa experience but is too shy to drop trou at an actual spa. Super exfoliating and moisturizing to boot. The scent is signature to Aveda and has a cult following, so chances are your homebody will love it too.