by Tienlyn Jacobson


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COAT.   DRESS.  BOOTS (Marc Jacobs, similar  HERE  and  HERE ).  BAG.   RING.   EARRINGS. 

COAT. DRESS. BOOTS (Marc Jacobs, similar HERE and HERE). BAG. RING. EARRINGS. 

One of the things I love the best about Fall dressing is that this is actually the time of year that I embrace higher hemlines. Why? Because not only do they look amazing (and a lot less revealing) with a longer coat, but they're also super flattering with over-the-knee boots - not to mention, tight season is around the corner!! But while the weather stays the way it has been (not complaining), I'll save the tights for the months to come. But considering how amazing the tights options are for this coming season, we'll see if I can wait that long...