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Last month, ARRIVE Hotel invited a couple girlfriends (Geneva, Sara, and Mao Mao) and me for a little girls getaway at their stunner of a hotel. After entertaining a slew of guests at our own spot, spending a few nights away indulging in quality bonding with some of my favorite desert girls was much needed - and we took full advantage!

From the grounds to the staff to the food to the decor, our stay was pretty dreamy to say the least. We each had our own (huge) beautifully designed room with moody wallpaper, marble and midcentury details galore, and the tops of palm trees peeking through the clerestory windows that lined the walls.

And because I had mentioned that my birthday just so happened to be a week after our trip, Geneva and ARRIVE sneakily arrange a birthday bottle of Rosé for me in my room - which we promptly drank by the fire pit next to the pool within 30 minutes of stepping on the premises - because as the name suggests, you really do arrive in style at ARRIVE! In fact, Mao Mao even had her own little doggy bag waiting in the room!

Speaking of Mao Mao, I was so impressed with how friendly the staff was towards her. Everywhere we turned someone had a treat for her, or a bowl of water, and she had the time of her life visiting with all the sunbathers by the pool (I think she had the most fun out of everyone to be honest).

Aside from pool time and drinks, our other main focus was eating as much as possible, starting with the most insane date toast I have ever had and a steaming cup of Intelligentsia straight from their restaurant Reservoir (which by the way has been one of Nikko's and my favorite spots since we moved here). If you ever stay at ARRIVE or even just eat at Reservoir, the first thing you should order should definitely be the date toast. My mouth is watering as I write this!

In fact, we loved our breakfast so much, we ended up ordering again the following day...

Because Reservoir is so delicious, we ended up eating lunch in the restaurant as well. Bonus points for literally only having to walk  a few steps from the pool to get there. And by the way, none of us eat meat and their veggie options are abundant and on point.

On our second day, we borrowed some bikes from ARRIVE (they're free for guests, and there are a lot of bikes available - major bonus) and rode our lazy butts the entire block to Draughtsman, (another favorite restaurant of Nikko's and mine, by the way, mostly due to the fact that they have an enormous Jenga and Connect 4 setup in the patio - but also, I'm completely gaga over the decor, especially the mustard booths and drafting tabletops).

Sara had been going on about the Impossible Burger, which is essentially the most meat-like burger a vegetarian could ever ask for, so of course, I had to try it - and I was shocked! It even looks like a medium rare burger - and the texture and taste is dead-on. So of course, I ate the whole thing. Thank god for our bikes to roll myself back to the room...

Aside from the delicious food, gorgeous, comfy rooms, and dreamy pool (and bar), another thing that really impressed me about ARRIVE is the services and amenities they offered. If you need anything, there's a number to text and someone shows up right away, no matter what time or day. They also have a great little 'How to Palm Springs' guide that helps you get your bearings and nail all the fun ASAP.

Since the three of us are all married to pretty cool dudes, when we get together in the high desert, it's usually with the boys in tow. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to get deeper into the girl talk. It's amazing how much more you can learn about a person when you set aside all the distractions of daily life and just focus on each other. I

One thing I've really learned over the years (and especially the last few), is that as a woman, it's so important to surround yourself with inspiring women that you can look up to, who are forging their own path, and who get where you're coming from. Moving to the desert was life-changing in so many ways. For as cheesy as it sounds, the desert can call to you in ways you can't describe. It can grip you from the inside and never let you go. And it's such an honor to know and connect with women who understand this unique perspective - and to find an oasis like ARRIVE to nurture these kind of experiences and friendships.

Speaking of which, since Coachella is starting like, right now, we will all be at the Lucky Brand Desert Jam tomorrow at ARRIVE! If you're in the area, RSVP HERE and we'll probably see you there! 

Also, here's a flyer for their event on Sunday, which I'm pretty excited about:

Hopefully I'll see you at one or both events!