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About a month ago, I teamed up with True & Co and 01 Magazine to talk life, love, and lots of other good things, as well as share a peek inside my Palo Alto home. You can read the True & Co interview here (and stay tuned for the 01 Magazine feature, coming soon).

For the shoot, makeup extraordinaire Courtney Mark worked her magic on me, taking me from everyday Tienlyn to fantasy Tienlyn with her arsenal of top-of-the-line products and bottomless expertise. I've worked with Courtney for several shoots for Joyus, and she is hands down one of the best makeup artists I have ever worked with! And since I've gotten so many questions about my makeup for this look ever since I shared it on Instagram and on the blog, I thought I'd pick Courtney's brain and break it down for you! 

To see where to buy each product used, click the box by the makeup name on the photos below: 


Courtney: Perfect the skin, leaving a little bit of natural glow, and conceal any spots you don't want to be seen. Run your contour on the sides of your face along your hairline, under your cheekbones - and don't forget to run it behind your jaw as well for a more defined look. Blend your blush starting on your apples and back towards your hairline. But don't add any more color! 

One of my favorite products is the Armani Master Color Corrector. We used #2 under the eyes to hide any dark circles. This stuff is like sleep in a bottle!


Courtney: Keep it light and bright on the inner corner and darkest on the outer corner, closest to the lash line. Then LOTS of eyeliner, both on the lid and tightlined (liner applied to your lid under your upper lashes).

Winged liner can be tricky and takes practice. I like to find the angle by lining up the end of your brow to the bottom of your water line (inside of your lower lid) and use that as my guide. You could also use tape or a business card to make a road map. No one's eyes are exactly the same, so there's always adjustment after you do both eyes. It's easier to go in with a non waterproof makeup remover because a waterproof makeup remover could disintegrate the rest of your eye makeup. With this look, I also went in after Tienlyn's whole face was done and went underneath the eyeliner wing with a slightly lighter colored concealer to really accentuate the wing. 



Courtney: The real trick to over drawing your lips is to blend it all together. Line the lips, blend it all inwards, and add your lipstick on top. For this look, I used a darker liner, blended it inwards but left the middle alone and added a lipstick that was a few shades lighter. 

Keel the center of your lips lighter than the outer edges to give the allusion of fuller lips. Adding gloss to just the center will give you the same effect. 

Also, pick shades (for the lips) that are within your skintone range. Go a few shades darker than your lips for liner and a few shades lighter for lipstick and/or gloss. 

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

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