by Tienlyn Jacobson

Fresh Whites

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There's nothing like a crisp, oversized button up. It feels a little like slipping into a freshly made bed, except you get to walk around in it all day and it's totally appropriate. Actually, more than appropriate - sexy even! Especially when underneath, you're wearing a bra so good that you want to show it to everyone. Which I don't exactly suggest doing, unless you're shooting in an isolated spot and the shooter is your husband.. and then in that case, I say go for it. 

This Tuesday is my birthday and when my family asked me what I wanted as gifts, I told them 'To Do' lists (for them to do, not me). Because lately, time has been what is most precious to me. So for my birthday, my plan is to get 5 times as many errands done as I would do in a regular day. A little weird? Definitely. But also kind of awesome. I mean, how many times can you dictate oil changes, dry cleaning pick-ups, filing and grocery lists while you get a mani pedi? Honestly, I think I'm on to a new tradition here....