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My entire life, I have been extremely athletic - from 12 years of off and on ballet and modern dance, to 15 years of double swim practice with the first at 4 am, to track and field, long distance running, kickboxing with a coach that was the doppelganger of Demi's GI Jane (thanks for teaching me the one-armed push up, even though 99% of them ended in face plants), to years of yoga, pilates and barre, physicality is a huge part of my identity. And when I don't have it, I truly feel like I have lost a piece of who I am. 

Regardless, I spent the last few seasons mostly avoiding the gym and eating in a way that has kind of pissed of my entire ecosystem, partially due to a slow-healing back injury. And while years of physical activity and healthy choices has left me with a physique that can kind of maintain itself, there's one major thing missing - the confidence that comes with being assured of my strength and physical capabilities.

So why am I talking about Clarins Body Fit cellulite-busting cream? Because I know what it's like to not feel like your true self. And I know from my experience both as a woman and as a friend of other women, that self-love is easy to preach but really really really hard to practice. And if you need to put that head trip to rest so that you can do you, I totally get it - and I say go for it. 

It's perfectly fine to have cellulite. In fact, it's guestimated that 98% of women do. And I've actually never thought it was unattractive because as a rule, how could something that the vast majority of women have be unattractive? But I do understand being hung up on something that prevents you from celebrating yourself. And I know that can really suck - and it can hold you back from embracing all that life has to offer. Studies have shown that women definitely notice their own cellulite more than anyone else does, and that people tend to find it more unattractive on themselves than other people.

Instead of punishing yourself both mentally and physically in the efforts to achieve a somewhat unattainable (and mostly unrewarding) goal, why not slip on that Brazilian bikini bottom, slap on a little Body Fit (ok don't slap it on - in fact, here's an application tutorial video to make it the most effective possible - also in case you're wondering why this stuff works so well, you can thank Clarins's use of both results-yielding Quince Leaf as well as 7 other highly effective plant ingredients including caffeine, scabiosa, and horse chestnut), and toss the self-scrutiny aside? Life is short. Let's not spend it counting dimples, K? Because trust me, you look badass in that summer getup, and it's time the whole world knows it... including yourself. 

And on that note, I'm headed back to the gym for some embarassingly light weight lifting... gotta pick it back up somewhere, right? 



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

In collaboration with Clarins USA