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*In partnership with Macy's, however all opinions are my own. #macysbeauty

My dad, like most dads it seems, is one of the hardest people to buy a gift for. While Nikko and I have come up with some really great, creative gifts over the years, there are other years where we legitimately can’t think of a single thing to buy him. On those years, we’ve gone with classic picks - hiking boots (he loves to walk and hike), almanacs, shirts, a tech gadget or two, etc. And while he’s always happy to receive gifts like these, they’re also the kind of gifts that tend to accumulate as years go by.

That’s why fragrance has always been such a go-to for me. I know it’s something he will use on a regular basis. I also know that it’s something he will eventually use up, so it’s not one of those gifts that just ends up collecting dust year after year. I also know (firsthand) how exciting it is to open up a fresh bottle of fragrance.

While I like to switch up what fragrance I pick for my dad, I always keep fresh and light. I also prefer to stick with classics, since he’s not exactly a trend-driven guy. While he likes to experiment with things, when he finds a type of something he likes, he tends not to stray too too far. Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio Pour Homme has been a go-to for years. It’s fresh but has warmth to it, with a subtle whiff of bergamot and cedar - two of my favorite notes in the world (for men or women). Plus, considering my dad was a hardcore swimmer and deep diver for over 30 years, the marine notes are especially fitting.

But ladies - there’s a bonus! This is one of my favorite scents to steal for yourself! So if you buy this for your dad, make sure to sneak in a spritz for yourself every now and then - in my opinion, the lightness and warmth of this scent makes it work beautifully for women as well.

Right now, Macy’s is the best destination for fragrances in order to find the perfect gift for dad and also has some pretty cool gift sets centered around this fragrance for Father’s Day! Here’s a favorite but if you prefer to dip your toe in first, Acqua di Gio also comes in a travel size that’s perfect for a first try (or for traveling).


What are you doing for your dad for Father’s Day? Is he a fragrance guy?