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I've been working on adding a few more everyday items to my wardrobe that I can wear for both summer and winter - funny timing, I know. But my reasoning is that with the Geodome getting close to being done, turning my attentions to the main house (in turn resulting in a major closet overhaul) isn't that far off in the distance, and I'd rather not add too many pieces where I can't justify their year-long usefulness. On my list, de to re-constructed work shirts that pair just as easily with jeans as they do shorts and skirts, high-waisted jeans that will make any old tee into a 'look,' sandals I can wear dressed up or down, a fun, pretty clutch (that I sometimes mistake for Mao when I leave it on the couch), and statement accessories that turn pulled-back hair into a 'do.' Coming up, I'm excited to wear these pieces in many different ways - versatility really is key when it comes to pairing the wardrobe back to its main essentials... that's not to say I won't be filling the guest closet as well, however! Wink wink...