by Tienlyn Jacobson


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Since we spent last Valentine’s Day with a few good friends, this year, we decided to make it an extra romantic one, starting with our holing up at The Parker for one super dreamy getaway (that we ended up extending, since we were having so much fun!). And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, one morning, my breakfast in bed included a surprise in the form of a beautiful little jewelry box from Michael Hill!!

Knowing very well that the best things always come in the tiniest jewelry boxes, I was pretty thrilled - and even more excited when I opened it and discovered the most breathtaking, delicate diamond ring.

While my left ring finger already has a permanent resident (aka wedding ring/engagement ring), 9 more fingers means I’m nowhere near being done with diamonds. And while I’ve already started stacking them on, I have definitely been looking for a more slightly larger ring to add to the mix.

These days, the modern woman is wearing diamonds in a completely different way. From raw diamonds to champagne, black or grey diamonds, to stacking diamonds across all fingers, to wearing a ring on the right hand as a symbol of self-empowerment -these days, there are no rules. Just the ones you make for yourself. And all of this has made it even more fun to indulge a little extra now and again!

As for this gorgeous ring, I’m planning on wearing it on the right hand for the most part, but I also plan to swap out my engagement ring for this baby whenever I’m traveling, since it’s a little more understated.

The only issue is that since I’ve received this gorgeous ring, I haven’t been able to stop swooning over the Michael Hill collection!  

Speaking of which, here are two more I’m eyeing. Which do you like better? This one? Or this one?

After all, I’ve still got some fingers left, right?  ;)