by Tienlyn Jacobson


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*In partnership with Zapzyt, however all opinions are my own

Before I introduce you to the star of this blog post, aka my rager of a zit that just won't quit, I want to set the background a bit. This month has felt extremely stressful. We've been working incredibly hard and making a ton of progress on our overall goals, but sometimes making progress means taking risks, and risks can mean a lot of stress. We've taken a lot of risks this month, and are currently in that special kind of purgatory that happens when you take a risk and then have to wait on the process to see if it is actually going to pay off.

Personally, I'm very much a do-er. I'm the kind of person who goes with their gut for better or worse, who thinks fast and acts fast, and would always prefer to hack away at something than patiently wait for it to materialize on its own. So the kind of stress that comes with waiting patiently is the kind that really - and I mean really -  gets to me.

Thanks to this, last week, I was privileged enough to wake up with a monster of a zit, conveniently placed right where the light catches it at every angle. I named it Chad. 

Chad was a moody bugger with an anger management problem. Chad was always too loud, often interrupted conversations, and even erupted once right in the middle of breakfast. Just like a true jerk. Chad had to go. 

We all get Chads every now and then. And I don't think any of us like him. So instead of patiently waiting for Chad to leave on his own accord, I decided to kick him out. Enter: ZapZyt - their Acne Treatment Gel is one of those weapons you keep on hand for villains just like Chad. It utilizes the strength of benzoyl peroxide to shrink Chad down to size, but because it's water-based, it doesn't include other irritating ingredients such as alcohol. 

I've been keeping a close eye on Chad with Zapzyt's Acne Wash and their Acne Scrub, which I've also been loving for keeping future Chads at bay. But one of the things I love about the ZAPZYT Acne Treatment Gel is that if you want to get rid of a zit fast, you do not have to change your entire beauty routine. You just have to dab it on the Chad and watch him die - and fast. 

And, as of today, I'm happy to announce that Chad is dead. Victory!!!! 

RIP Chad and viva Zapzyt!!

It's funny how you think when you get older that acne won't be an issue - and while it's definitely lessened for me overall, I've still found myself battling the occasional breakout. 

Have you dealt with adult acne? Or tried Zapzyt before?