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We recently went back up north after going way too long without a visit. And while family (and Nikko's footgolf tournament) were our main priorities, seeing Stephanie was also at the top of my list. And besides, I kind of lump Steph into the family category anyway. 

Of course we would show up in similar but different outfits - it's kind of our thing at this point. And so of course we had to shoot them!

I haven't been up in Sacramento very much, but it was so interesting to see how it's changing. Stephanie and David went to school not far from it, so they took me around a bit and showed me some of the cutest areas, including a stop at Gunther's Ice Cream for the biggest most delicious milkshake I've in a long time. 

ME:   TDE BAG   (I picked this baby up at Coachella and the TDE team even added a customized saguaro in honor of Palm Springs)   STEPHANIE:   PIXIE MARKET BAG

ME: TDE BAG (I picked this baby up at Coachella and the TDE team even added a customized saguaro in honor of Palm Springs) 


I also insisted on a stop at Joan Didion's childhood home, which was completely worth it. She's written about this home a bit here and there, and it was pretty special to be able to place this literal cornerstone of her early experiences. 

It was also an excuse to wear my new Cuyana Poplin Cinched Waist Dress, which has been a part of my goal to pair down and only choose quality items that aren't trend driven, but are more evergreen and classic. What an airy, delightful dress to wear! I can't get over the feel of the material, or the way it moves around my body. I really don't think a more perfect dress could be created. 



I also used the trip as an excuse to break out these Jenny Bird earrings, which I actually had the honor of seeing before the were produced back in October, when I visited Jenny in her studio. They were my favorites then and they are now IRL. I love the fresh white enamel - it's such a eye-catching essential for the warm weather months (although I'll be wearing them all year - can you imagine how good they would look with a turtleneck?).

Stephanie and I don't get to see each other that often, but between talking on GChat and Whatsapp nearly every day and making trips to see each other at least twice a year, it's been easy to stay close. Hopefully she'll come visit me soon again down south... 

JENNY BIRD EARRINGS    (smaller version of these hoops are also available   HERE ) 

JENNY BIRD EARRINGS  (smaller version of these hoops are also available HERE

Speaking of down south, we have some REALLY REALLY exciting things in the works, and I can't wait to share with you - hopefully soon! I'm actually very superstitious it turns out, and part of my superstition is that I never share good news until it's 100% for sure, but this time, it's been really hard to keep it to myself. So I've decided that even if it doesn't go as planned, I'll let you know later in June. I've been wearing my mother's Jade for the last two weeks for protection and good luck... I hope it works!! ;) 

But in the meantime, I'm putting aside all thoughts of what might be and am focusing on what is - namely, 2,000 words to write this weekend, a dog with a hurt paw, and planning next weekend... in Vegas! 

(ps peep Steph's version of this post here)

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend!