by Tienlyn Jacobson


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/   DRESS   (in cherry red) /   EARRINGS   /   BOOTS   / 

/ DRESS (in cherry red) / EARRINGS / BOOTS / 

If I could redo our wedding (which I wouldn't but let's just pretend for a minute), I would want a Fall wedding, held at night, in an unknown location. There's something so dramatic about  a dusky wedding in crisp air. It speaks to the drama of the moment, to opulence, and to the luxury of subtle rebellion, concocting the perfect start to a life with one's greatest love. 

I wore Fame & Partners to my sister's wedding, and styled the bridal party in Fame & Partners as well. And ever since, it's been a go-to for any special occasion. Whether that be a secret wedding in Joshua Tree, a holiday party, or just a personal moment of triumph. Add in the sustainable element, plus the fact that it's fully customizable, and I could live the rest of my life in Fame & Partners's sultry, perfect pieces. Because if there ever were a dress to set a mood, this would be it. 



Photos by Kelsey Bollig