by Tienlyn Jacobson


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I've loved bodysuits since the early 90's, but due to a few factors, have mostly admired them from afar. What are these factors? I'm glad you asked. The first factor is my height. At 5'10" I'm used to scrunching my longish torso into size smalls that are typically designed for shorter people, but when it comes to a typical (no-so-stretchy) bodysuit, that can get uncomfortable very very quickly. The second factor is the plain and simple fact that personally, I do not like the feeling of a large amount of fabric wedging its way into my backside to remain for countless hours. 

Luckily for me, I discovered that Wolford makes one helluva comfy bodysuit, with enough stretch to look great on any length torso, not to mention that the one I'm wearing in this post just so happens to be a string bodysuit. Meaning no more copious amounts of awkward 'adjusting' throughout the day, and the ability to wear it with skin tight anything on my bottom half. 

Another fabulous thing about opting for a bodysuit with quality fabric that actually feels amazing on your skin - you feel amazing whenever you wear it. Which has been four times in the last two weeks, by the way. Officially calling this bodysuit a wardrobe staple. 




Bodysuit / Jeans (vintage Levi's, similar here) / Shoes / Choker / Earrings / Dagger Bracelet / Open Cuff Bracelet / Bag (similar here)  


Photos by Kelsey Bollig