by Tienlyn Jacobson


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This was quite easily the hottest day of our trip, partially due to the fact that we spent about 10 hours hoofing it from villa to villa, with the occasional boat trip in between. Fortunately, loose, flowing, lightweight fabric, comfy shoes, and the perfect hat (and about three gelato stops) made for a relatively comfortable excursion. 

I'm actually wearing these pants as I type this, as they are easily the most comfortable, easy to wear pants I may have ever owned. I love how dramatic they are, how you can dress them up or down, and how they keep me perfectly cool - from a humid Italian summer to the dry desert heat - which we have just officially jumped into for the next month (and I'm loving!). 

I still have some Italy content coming your way, but I'm excited to start sharing more of The Geodome (we have a surprise we might be adding to it soon), and a few other fun projects before we take off on our next round of trips! 



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli