by Tienlyn Jacobson



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This has alway been a tricky time for knowing what to wear - on one hand, a California winter/spring really isn’t that cold. But it’s not always shorts and tank top weather either.

Strangely enough, cashmere has been one of my favorite materials for this time of year, as it both keeps you warm when it needs to, but breathes so well that should the sun come out, you’re not dying to heat either.

In fact, it can actually wick away moisture so, depending on the weight of the material, it can actually be great for summer as well.

All of these pieces are from Kinross and while I’ve featured quite a few of these photos on my Instagram, I thought it would be fun to share a few extra. These are all from right around the time I got pregnant - and then realized I was pregnant a two months later!

I have to say, it was such a comfort to have chic, easy pieces to reach for when I really just wasn’t feeling my best. I definitely think I looked more pulled together from the outside than I did on the inside! Ha!

All of these pieces are from Kinross’s Spring collection, which you can check out here. And by the way, even though it’s really starting to warm up in Palm Springs, I’m still wearing all of these! Oh - and they also have some great linen pieces in the collection, which I definitely recommend checking out…



In collaboration with Kinross Cashmere