by Tienlyn Jacobson


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The last time I was in Portland was a good 15 years ago - so when we made a quick overnight stay on our way up to Seattle for the holidays, I was pretty insistent we spend a few hours checking it out before going on our way. While I'm sure there's a lot more the city has to offer, here are a few things we loved doing while we were there. 

COFFEE: Upper Left Roasters was by far my favorite coffee stop - both for the gorgeous interior as well as the perfectly made Americanos and hot chocolate. Bonus, it's a super inviting environment, situated in Ladd's Addition - which seemed like could easily become a favorite neighborhood.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Speaking of Ladd's Addition, one of the prettiest things about the area are the rose gardens. While they weren't in bloom while we were there, I'm assuming they are amazing during the spring and summer. 

FOOD: One thing I really loved about Portland were all the food trucks - they seemed to be scattered everywhere throughout the city. We went to the ones on 10th and Adler. They had American, Vegan, Greek, Japanese, Mexican, Thai and a ton more. Super tasty - I wish I had had more time to try more of them!

EXPLORE: We attempted to see both the Japanese Gardens and the Chinese Gardens - both of which were closed. However on our attempt to see the Japanese Gardens, we found ourselves in the most gorgeous park area that included Hoyt Garden, Pittock Mansion, and the Portland Zoo, and made the drive totally worth it. 

SHOP:  One place that is definitely worth a visit is Menagerie - a smallbatch and natural beauty focused shop located in the most beautifully redone 1979 vintage airstream. The space itself is worth seeing, not to mention it's the perfect place to pick up a few gifts and a few things for yourself!