by Tienlyn Jacobson

Work it Out

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Since health is a both a big passion of mine and also a huge part of my life, I'm excited to start sharing more of it here with you! I mentioned my current fitness routine in a recent post, but one thing that I didn't mention was how helpful it is to stay aware of your habits on a daily basis. I used to wear a jawbone and when I wore it, I became so hyper aware of how much I actually moved throughout the day. It was a big help for getting my butt in gear, even on my off days. 

But being as fashion focused as I am, I was definitely on the lookout something a little more stylish (and would go with whatever arm candy I happened to have on). I was really excited to come across the Misfit Shine. First, the name (great minds think alike?). Second, the design is so sleek and comes in so many colors. And it looks so badass when you check your progress. Tap it twice, and the whole thing lights up in a futuristic way that kind of makes you feel like a sexy robot.

Third, there are accessories galore - there's even a necklace! I personally love the leather band option for everyday use. Plus, this is the first waterproof activity/sleep tracker that I have come across that is waterproof - which is perfect for me since I'm convinced swimming laps is one of the best ab workouts you could ever get. 

Now that I will be starting to add a little more fitness content, is there anything in particular you are interested in?  



photos by Nikko DeTranquilli