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Can I just say how excited I am that summer is now here? And yes, I mean summer, not spring, because when it’s already hitting 90 degrees on a regular basis, you call it summer no matter what actual season you are in.

The 90 degree temps have got me tearing my closet apart in an effort to get it warm-weather efficient. This means (almost) all the sweaters get packed away, denim shorts get their own shelf, and sleeveless everything goes to the front.

Also at the front of the closet are jumpsuits - is there anything more effortless for the warm weather months? Honestly, I don’t think there is. You don’t have to worry about coordinating, you can dress them up or down, they look great with flats, and if you shop right, they’re the most comfortable thing you could possibly wear.

This jumpsuit is my latest addition - and latest favorite. It’s smocked at the top so the fit is super flattering, it moves with you, and keeps its shape. Plus the crepey material incredibly breathable. Plus, I’d almost given up on off-the-shoulder pieces until I came across this jumpsuit. Unlike almost every other OTS item, when I raise my arms in this baby, the sleeves remain off the shoulder and don’t creep up awkwardly towards my ears, leaving me to constantly adjust.

It’s just as easy to wear while harvesting in our garden as it is to dinner and drinks in Palm Springs, which is where I’ll be headed later this week...

I just discovered 1.STATE and I love the paired-back, fashion-forward staples they offer. Everything is very wearable, but with a subtle statement. 1.State has a lot of perfect summery pieces besides this jumpsuit - hop to the bottom to see some more pieces I’m eyeing and find this beauty HERE. (PS this jumpsuit somehow doesn’t wrinkle either, so I’m going ahead and labeling it an ideal travel piece too).


Are you a jumpsuit person? What’s the item you stock up on the most for the summer?



Ruffled Contrast V-neck Top

Ruffled Contrast V-neck Top